iTunes Match is Now Operational (Like the Death Star) – in the USA (Unlike the Death Star)

Apple’s iTunes Match program, which lets your match up your music collection with that in the iCloud, is now accessible to users….in the United States of America (via Slash Gear).

For the annual cost of 25 beers on one dollar beer night ($25 for those of you who are poor at math or non-alcohol and ignored the math), you can subscribe to the iTunes Match service.

“At the moment only users in the USA are allowed to use the service, but users around the world can download the new version of iTunes via Apple’s iTunes 10.5.1 download page. This service will allow you to import all of your music to the iCloud where iTunes will either provide the highest-quality version of the tracks available or will use the version of the music file you uploaded when no match can be made. With this service, you’ll have your whole music library wherever you go with the opportunity to purchase as much physically represented music as you want to add to your library any time you want for no additional charge.”

No word when this will hit Canada and other inferior equally awesome countries.

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