This is Myspace: Justin Timberlake Previews Reboot of Myspace

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Former social media giant, Myspace, became irrelevant faster than PeteHatesMusic a Geocities website from the 90s. However, bands still update their Myspace pages, since it’s still often the top result when people search for bands (via Guardian). The one-page band Myspace page was useful for displaying a ton of information, albeit in a slightly jumbled and unpleasant visual manner. And who wants crappy midi songs to autoplay when viewing someone’s page?

Justin Timberlake knows a thing or two about reinventing himself, going from the Mickey Mouse Club to N Sync to a successful and critically successful solo career and even into acting. He invested in Myspace and is going to be a big part of the relaunch, as he tries to recruit his celebrity friends to use the site.

Myspace now has a two minute teaser trailer of how the rebooted site will now look. It looks kind of how the Windows 8 previews have looked, with a mix of Pinterest and Facebook. Good artists copy, great artists steal, right?

The artists now have fan stats, such as top listeners by demographic and location. Users also have playlists, with the ability to drag and drop songs from other lists to your own. You can also compare your interests with a certain musician, plus get ‘exclusive’ content. But will it work? Check out the promo and form your own opinions. The relaunch date is not yet known. Myspace and N Sync – holy time warp.

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