Morning Music Notes – Forget Easter, They’ve Invented a Printer that Prints Chocolate!

Damon Albarn Dashes Hopes of Future Blur and Gorillaz Projects

When Gorillaz finished their last album, word was it was their last. Damon Albarn has now spoken frankly and said that him and Gorillaz collaborator, Jamie Hewlett, aren’t on good terms (via Guardian). The disagreements were over who gets to pick the Friday night movie the making of the last album, Plastic Beach, as well as the tour that followed it.

As for Blur, Damon is looking at this summer’s Hyde Park gigs as Blur’s final show. Having played Hyde Park 3 years ago with Blur, Albarn has said “I’ll give it 100%, like I did last time. And that’s it. And I hope that’s the truth: that that’s how we end it.” The band are recording a new track, Under the Westway, which will likely be the last song they record. It’s a good thing Damon has a dozen other side projects that he can fall back on.

Man Stabbed at Jessie J Gig Dies

Sadly, a 37 year old father of two, who was stabbed in London at a Jessie J gig, has died (via NME). The accused is 25 year old Ashley Charles, and he has been denied bail, charged with murder, and will now attend Inner London Crown Court on April 20. I suppose the only good news in this story is they charged someone with this crime. But let’s stop with all the concert violent, alright?


The brilliant, chocolate-loving scientists at the University of Exeter have invented a 3D chocolate printer (via Dvice). I figured we needed some good news to follow the earlier bad news (moreso the man dying bad news than the no more Blur/Gorillaz bad news). Better news? The university hopes to have the 3D printer on the market by the end of April. It looks like Ralph Wiggum was onto something when he asked for chocolate microscopes.

“We’ve improved and simplified the machine, so now it is really easy to use,” said lead scientist Dr. Liang Hao. “You just need to melt some chocolate, fill a syringe that is stored in the printer, and get creative printing your chocolate.” Check it out in action below. Yes, it is okay to lick your screen (that’s what I might have done, too). I think the video needs some background music, perhaps a song off of Friday’s Top Songs About Chocolate.

Drake Unveils 2 New Videos, Take Care (with Rihanna) and HYFR (with Lil Wayne)

Everyone’s favourite Degrassi actor, Aubrey Graham, aka Toronto rapper Drake, just dropped a couple of new videos this long weekend. While we were on Easter egg hunts, we could’ve been watching Drake videos. I wasm in fact, watching these videos on the weekend, but my chocolate covered fat fingers couldn’t hit the right keys (that, and I take weekends off!). Anyway, if you’re a Drake fan, check out two spanking new videos, from his Juno-losing (but perhaps should’ve been winning) album, Take Care. The first video is the title track, the Jamie xx-produced Take Care, and steals back Rihanna from Coldplay, while the second song features an artist who has not collaborated with Coldplay – yet. The song is HYFR, and features Lil Wayne.

Drake featuring Rihanna – Take Care

Drake featuring Lil Wayne – HYFR

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