Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics and Cell Phone Company HTC Might Buy Streaming Service MOG

If there was an award for writing overly wordy headlines, this one would be up for contention. Dr. Dre, the California rapper/producer (do I really need to describe him?) owns the Beats Electronics headphones company (with the popular Beats By Dre line). Taiwanese mobile phone company, HTC, bought a majority stake in Beats last year for $300 million. Also an owner of Beats Electronics is Jimmy Iovine, of American Idol behind the scenes fame. Pre-amble aside, Beats is looking to buy MOG, which is an online music streaming service, akin to Spotify or Rdio.

Combining headphones and a mobile phone company with an online streaming service could be a formidable combination, allowing a phone-based music subscription service, packaged with high-end headphones. This is apparently a dream of Iovine’s, although mine is to get locked in a candy shop while the workers embark on a month-long strike. If you can afford the $500 headphones, then the $5-10 MOG monthly subscription can’t set you back too much more.

These are just rumours, of course, so in case it’s not true, I won’t left you empty handed. Check out Been There Done That by Dr. Dre, which is something he can say about making a successful headphone line.

Dr. Dre – Been There Done That

(via Hollywood Reporter)

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