Morning Music Notes

Music notes continue, but this week’s guest editor lives several times zones behind wherever you are. It’s still morning here!

Radiohead Plays Colbert – Nails it:
Radiohead were the feature of a special 1hr Colbert Report on Monday night. Prepare yourself, Radiohead. You’re about to meet Televisionface!

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Shortlist:
Nominees this year include The Beastie Boys, the Chili Peppers, Faces, The Cure, Joan Jett, Guns & Roses, and DONNA SUMMER!

More Talkshows! The Shins on Fallon:
Jimmy Fallon continues to do some cool stuff on his show. This week, it’s all new bands covering Pink Floyd songs – bad-ass! Last night was The Shins doing Breathe. Tonight (Tuesday) it’s The Foo Fighters w/ Roger Waters doing In the Flesh, Wednesday is MGMT doing Lucifer Sam, Thursday is Dierks Bentley doing Wish You Were Here, and Friday it’s Pearl Jam doing Mother. Awesome! Video of The Shins after the jump.

Sonic Youth – Greatest Hits…sortof:
A pretty cool concept from Sonic Youth – they are letting other musician friends choose the songs for their coming ‘best of’ album. Choosers (is that a word?) include Eddie Vedder, Mike D, Beck, and other people you’ll read about after the jump.

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