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Paul McCartney to Guest Star on Hillsborough Charity Single

In England, the Hillsborough football disaster has been a pretty big deal for a couple of decades. This year, the truth behind the police’s falsification of many of the day’s reports came to light, finally giving some families closure. A charity Christmas single is being made for the Hillsborough Family Support Group, which includes families of the 96 people who died that day in 1989. The charity single will have a few heavyweights behind it – Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams, Mick Jones, the Zutons (who need to release something new soon), and a slew of other Liverpool celebrities (via Guardian).

The track is He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother, which is a 1969 song by The Hollies. The track will be out December 17, and will likely be the number 1 track this December 25 (unless Rage Against the Machine come out of nowhere again).

Noel Won’t Reform Oasis for 20th Anniversary

The thing about splitting up a band these days is people constantly ask you when you’re going to reform. Oasis are still a couple of years away from their 20th anniversary, but are already being asked about a 20th anniversary reunion. Noel Gallagher recently said in Channel 4 “What would it take? It would take Liam or myself to be very skint, and I know for a fact that ain’t gonna happen. So other than that, I can’t see it” (via NME). Yeah, don’t see Noel being poor any time soon.

Noel also dished about how he’s going to deal with his kids doing drugs, noting he can’t really lecture them given his history, but will tell them “Everything in moderation, lads. And just remember: you will never be as cool as your dad. Remember that.”

Noel has been chosen to curate next year’s Concerts for Teenage Cancer Trust, where we saw Florence + the Machine this past year. Pick Oasis, Noel!

Larry David’s Thanksgiving

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the States, which meant mainstream media was forced to show re-runs and little new content was produced. However, Larry David took to Funny or Die to share his thoughts about Thanksgiving. Check them out below.

Watch! Saturday, Monday – Headshake (feat. Julia Spada)

Scandinavian artist Saturday, Monday seems to have forgotten about Sundays, which are great days for being lazy. The electro-soul artist has a new track called Headshake, which features vocals from Julia Spada. We get a trippy, minimalist track with some great vocals. Saturday, Monday’s upcoming album is called The Road and the Ocean and the End is set to be released in early 2013. Check out Headshake below.

Saturday, Monday - Headshake (feat. Julia Spada) OFFICIAL VIDEO - via YouTube screen cap

Saturday, Monday – Headshake (feat. Julia Spada)

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