Morning Music Notes – Baby on (Bill)Board

Ridiculous Record: Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Daughter Youngest Ever on Billboard’s Charts

Earlier this week, Jay-Z became a dad. He celebrated by getting hammered! dropping a new track, featuring B.I.C. Anyone ever heard of B.I.C? If you dug a little deeper, you would’ve realized it stood for Blue Ivy Carter, the new daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce. The end of the track, Glory, features Blue Ivy crying and generally making noise. Since she is credited on the track, and since the track is at #74 on the Billboard charts, this (rather ridiculously) makes Blue Ivy the youngest person ever credited on a Billboard song (via – you guessed it – Billboard). Eat your heart out, Jordy.

Madonna Does What She Does Best – Whores It Up Causes Controversey

Madonna continues to attempt to be edgy and push buttons by naming her new album MDNA (via NME). Is it a reference to the great Watson and Crick and their DNA discovery (hint: no)? Or is it a reference to *GASP* drugs? Or did Madonna just forget how to spell her name and ended up with that? Madonna is also going on a World Tour, where she will show off her gross man arms on stages everywhere.

People You Likely Don’t Care About Hacked on Twitter

People who support RuPaul Ron Paul, the US Presidential candidate, have hacked the Twitter accounts of No Doubt, Nicole Scherzinger (from Pussy Cat Dolls and some lame reality TV show), and Rise Against (via The Hollywood Reporter). The hackers posted pro-Ron Paul statements, which is a logical thing for pro-Ron Paul people to do. The tweets said:

“Today We Officially Endorse Ron Paul 2012 Donate to him here #ronpaulrevolution,” read a tweet from No Doubt’s account, followed up by: “If you actually read what Ron Paul is saying, you will discover that for the first time in your life a politician is not lying to you.”

Nicole Scherzinger’s hack read, “For the first time ever a politician isn’t lying to us. WAKE UP AMERICA! Ron Paul 2012 I Love this Guy #RonPaulRevolution.”

Since when did music get SO political? Bob Dylan is rolling over in his grave.

Watch! That Lame Jordy Song I Referenced Earlier

Actually, since that Jordy song is so bloody ridiculous, I’m going to end the Morning Music Notes with that. Do you know why? Because it IS so tough to be a baby.

Jordy – It’s So Tough To Be A Baby
[youtube 83fUErMlRWU]

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