Themed Playlists

I often listen to music based on my mood and my surroundings. If I’m doing writing at a computer and can’t handle lyrics being thrown at me (sidenote: it’s embarrassing writing “P-p-p-poker face” into a professional report), I thrown on some Godspeed You! Black Emperor. If it’s rainy, Radiohead’s OK Computer is a great album to listen to. But what if you’ve exhausted your ideas on a rainy or happy day, and don’t know what band to throw on next? Check out Stereo Mood, which features a lengthy list of moods (good karma??) and associated streams of songs for the playlist. Moods include optimistic, beach party, cooking time, make love, and feel like crying. Clicking on Sexy played an mp3 of myself, which I thought was a bit odd.

stereomood - emotional internet radio

As an alternative to the many moods and tags, one could also check out You can not only listen to themed music, you can check out a quirky image to go with the playlist. Available playlists include Cash is King, It’s All in Your Head, Origin of Species, and Run for Cover. By no means an extensive site, with playlists missing some obvious songs or depth in choices, it is a neat way to combine music and design. Give it a look and a listen.

Since I am presently in Scotland, check out a short Scottish-based playlist of some Scottish bands you may or may not know. Bands include Travis, Mogwai, The Twilight Sad, Frightened Rabbit, and Belle & Sebastian.

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  1. krou says:

    I heart it- it”s not blocked from work which is a WIN as well:)