Morning Music Notes

Damon Albarn’s DRC Music Project

Via Stereogum – Some tracks have been released onto SoundCloud from Damon Albarn’s musical mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Long story short, Albarn took a bunch of producers (guys like Dan the Automater) to DRC to work with Kinshasa musicians, record an album, and raise some money for Oxfam.

Hallo (featuring Tout Puissant Mukalo and Nelly Liyemge) by DRC Music

High Flying Birds Release New Music

Also Via StereoGum – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds have released another track that sounds… like… well? A Noel Gallagher song. I think Oasis fans will probably dig this. It’s part of an album that is to be released in October, that features cover art of Noel proving he is, indeed, a man of the people. No -wait, sorry. That’s Willie Nelson, Noel is standing in a lonely mansion with a wolf on his couch.


Willie Nelson Covers Coldplay

The Red Headed Stranger (side note: musician nickname, or serial killer?) has released a cover of Coldplay’s The Scientist for the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation. Basically, Chipotle sells burritos, and have launched a grassroots campaign to promote sustainable development. WIllie is a natural here – given his extensive support of farming. Via Devour


Beach Boys to Release Lost Album

The surviving original members of The Beach Boys are going to release their fabled lost album Smile this year – what they’re calling an approximation of what was intended to be released. Cha-ching. I guess Beach Boys fans will want to hear this, but I really think a ‘lost album’ is much more powerful as a fable than a suddenly found album. If this isn’t genius, their legend lessens a bit. Oh well, we’ll always have Kokomo.
The Guardian

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