Alan Cross is No Longer on the Air, Laid off by Corus Radio

Alan Cross, a man I respect a lot, has been restructured out of a job at Edge 102 and Corus Radio, according to the Toronto Star (and a tweet by Alan Cross himself). Alan Cross first worked for CFNY Edge 102, doing his famous The Ongoing History of New Music segments, which were fascinating views and research into bands and issues that don’t always make it to the mainstream.

“In addition to hosting that program, Cross, 49, was also senior program director at Corus Interactive and Integrated Solutions, the company’s online arm, where his duties included curating, a radio-and-web initiative aimed at giving listeners new ways to discover music.”

This explains why this month I have not seen any new posts by him over at Exploremusic, and why I will likely never go back to that site, with it’s horrible layout, daily/hourly pointless lists, and over-recommendation of bands and songs.

Alan, if you want to put the FREE in freelance, you can guest blog over here! Suggestions are welcomed!

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1 Response

  1. Leigh says:

    Oh no!! His voice was oh-so-soothing and I loved the tidbits of rare insider info and dramatic pauses during his Ongoing History segments….BOO to you Edge and Corus!