Paul McCartney Wishes Ringo Starr a 71st Birthday, Predictably Sings Happy Birthday by the Beatles

Ringo Starr is 71. That doesn’t make ME feel old, but I’m sure it makes my DAD feel old. Well Dad – you are! And since you don’t know how to use the internet, you can’t get me back. Unless you start, and that would just be mean.

Back to Ringo. He is 71. He is one of 2 surviving Beatles. Paul McCartney is still alive, still singing, still touring, and still having fun. He decided to kindly dedicate a Youtube video to wish Ringo a birthday. Of course, he covered Happy Birthday by the Beatles. Actually, I guess it’s not a cover if he WROTE THE SONG. But really Paul, nothing more original than that? You could’ve sung a Ringo song perhaps? Changed some of your lyrics, such as When I’m 64 to When I’m 71, and added some new rhymes, 40-odd years after writing the original song. Paul-bashing aside, it is a pretty cool thing to have a Beatle dedicate a Youtube video to you, even if you are another Beatle.

[youtube IHLKm1RtUFY]

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  1. 2011/07/15

    […] week, Paul McCartney sang Ringo Starr Happy Birthday for his 71st, and made a Youtube video for the world to see. Sticking with that ‘launch’ theme, […]