A Perfect Circle Discuss New Song and Future Releases

A Perfect Circle, are back after a short breakup hiatus. Billboard chatted to co-founding member, Billy Howerdel, who discussed the new song (By & Down) that has been played on this current tour.

“Right now the intention is not to put out a (full album) but just to release some songs along the way, and then they might be re-imagined and put together in some collection. If you need to have an album then there will be something more like a photo album where you collect these things and you put them in.”

Front man of A Perfect Circle, Maynard James Keenan, is a busy boy himself. For those who are uninformed, Maynard is the front man of other bands such as Tool and Puscifer, the latter who are releasing a new album this fall (Conditions of My Parole).

“If we were prepared to do a 12-to-18 month campaign and do a new record and new tour, that’s a little different and we’d approach it a little differently,” Howerdel explains. “But with Maynard’s commitments to other projects, I don’t think it’s possible, or it’s certainly not in the future.” But the silver lining, he notes, is “a freedom to release things as we want. We don’t have a record deal anymore. We don’t have a record company backing us and financially funding a record or a tour and getting involved. We’re doing everything ourselves now. It gives you a lot of freedom, but it gives you limitations as well. You just have to find a balance within that.”

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