Morning Music Notes – Turn Off the Dark, Turn On the Money!

Bono and The Edge have contributed music to Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which is a Broadway production disaster. This is not the news, don’t leave me yet! It’s called an introduction, in case you’re not in the loop. The show has been plagued with delays, re-writes, new bits, and everything under the sun. The production is the most expensive Broadway production, and has had the longest preview period and number of performances ever (U2 were hoping for just One – get it?! Neither do I). Well, the curtains have been drawn and the show has finally finished week one on Broadway. How did it do? BOX OFFICE HIT! Everyone loves a happy ending.

How Not to Make Friends

British singing legend Morrissey has decided to wear a shirt that slams a popular Morrissey fan site. Wait, what?! Not hiding his true feelings at all, Morrissey wore a shirt that said Fuck Tell us how you really feel. I hope one day Thom Yorke will rock a Thom Hates Pete Hates shirt. New website goal!

Eminem Causes Controversy, Sun Rises for Planet Earth

Eminem and controversy go together like Thom Yorke and a Thom Hates Pete Hates shirt beer and breakfast. What has Mr. Mathers done now? He shot a music video, for Space Bound, in which he shoots himself in the head. Seems sort of tame compared to the majority of video games. Super Mario crushes poor little Goombas on the head and he’s a super hero?? Mothers Against Violence have even branded him ‘evil’. They might be lobbying Oxford Dictionary to insert this picture next to the word, but those might be unfounded rumours I am trying to start.

Jeff Bridges Straps on the Guitar, Leaves the Acting Chops at Home

Jeff Bridges liked his role in Crazy Heart so much, he is making life imitate art and other such cliches. Bridges played a gig at the Troubadour in Los Angeles last night, and is promoting his first album.

Fancy a Claw?

U2 are selling their Claw stage from their 360 tour. Looks like I will another army of piggy banks to help me place a bid – them claws ain’t cheap.

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