Morning Music Notes – Drum Battle Needs More Cowbell

We gave you the lovely audio of the Papercuts track, Life Among the Savages, several months ago. But why listen to music when you can, um, watch the music? Yeah, exactly. What I’m unsuccessfully trying to say is that Papercuts have a video for the title track from their recent album.

Papecuts - Life Among the Savages via YouTube screen cap

A wise man once wrote, “The track is full of strings, with a catchy dynamic shift in the chorus.” I get to quote myself AND be lazy in this post – fantastic. Check out the video below.

Papercuts – Life Among the Savages

Morning Music Notes

The much hyped drum off between lookalikes Chad Smith and Will Ferrell took place last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Man, when they dress alike they REALLY look similar. Check out a video below, which ends with a “Pete just ruined the surprise” performance of “Don’t Fear the Reaper” from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, as mocked by Will Ferrell and his cowbell on Saturday Night Live.

So remember when Mike Myers got to stand next to Kanye West at the Hurricane Katrina live telethon, when Kanye dropped the “President Bush does not care about black people” bomb? Apparently Mike Myers is proud to have been next to Kanye West, which is a weird comment that I wouldn’t put in my yearbook. Also, strange trivia fact: Mike Myers received the last letter ever written by Beatle George Harrison. How about that? (via Rolling Stone)

The Black Keys’ latest album Turn Blue has netted them their first number 1 album in the US, selling 164,000 in its first week. Last album El Camino sold over 200,000 but only hit number 2. Next week, expect Coldplay to be number 1 by a landslide. (via Billboard)

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