Morning Music Notes – I’d Like 2 Copies of the New Wu-Tang, Please

Hot Chip love to get the people moving. That’s why I skipped Mumford & Sons at Osheaga in 2013 to see them, and why they topped our Top Songs of 2012 list. Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip has a new solo album, and has decided to slow things down a little.

Alexis Taylor via YouTube Screen cap

His second solo record will be called Await Barbarians, which sounds like an odd way to spend a Friday night (but I do it anyway). His new song is called Elvis Has Left The Building, and has a slow, simple beat. Give it a listen below.

Alexis Taylor – Elvis Has Left The Building

Morning Music Notes

Remember when Banksy replaced Paris Hilton CDs with his artwork and music by Danger Mouse? Something similar has happened with musician Paz. He claims to have replaced 5000 copies of Justin Bieber’s Believe album with his own CDs in Walmart, Target, and Best Buy stores across Los Angeles. Are people stilling buying CDs these days? (via Hollywood Reporter)

Wu-Tang Clan are making one copy of their new album – how is that for limited edition? The album (not the band) will do a tour before being sold. Who will buy it? A recent offer of $5 million has made its way to the rap collective. (via Exclaim)

Guns N’ Roses, best known for showing up 3 hours late to a show in a city near you, are reuniting with original bassist Duff McKagan for a tour of South America. He’ll have to get into concert mode by snoozing, boozing, and other things ending in ‘zing’ that generally make you late to gigs. (via Rolling Stone)

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