Morning Music Notes – Jack White’s 18th Band

I have returned from cottage country to realize that none of my predictions came true….yet. Without further adieu, your Morning Music Notes.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket has sold for $1.5 Million dollars. The rumours of the jacket’s ability to transform you into a werewolf have BEEN PROVEN TRUE – RUN! not been tested yet. The jacket and many other items no one cares about were auctioned off, with some proceeds going to the Shambala Preserve in California (where MJ’s tigers have been kept since they left Neverland Ranch), while the other proceeds are likely lining the pockets of the Jackson family.

It appears Katy Perry might have bought some lucky items at the auction, as she is about to tie Michael Jackson’s record for five Number 1 songs from one album. As ridiculous as they feat might sound, no album has had five Number 1 songs since Bad in 1987. Note that I have been using the word ‘bad’ to describe Katy Perry’s album for awhile; it seems that I knew what I was talking about.

The latest Supergroup has been unleashed on the world, and it consists of Jack White and Stephen Colbert?? Meg White’s newest replacement, Stephen Colbert, made a public performance together in New York City that likely consisted of lots of pompous sarcasm (likely from Colbert) and awesome guitar solos (likely from White).

The Muppets are releasing a Cover Album…? Acts such as We’ll Do Anything for a Dollar Weezer, My Morning Jacket, and The Airborne Toxic Event have all contributed tracks to the Green Album, which features the awesome cover shown below.

Glastonbury News Summary

Not quite sure where to start, as more happened this past weekend than has happened to me in all my years of existence.

Of course I’ll start with Radiohead, who played a surprise gig. Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood showed up last year in a surprise manner, and this time they brought the whole band with them. They stuck to songs made from the King of Limbs, which makes sense, seeing as it is their most recently released album – funny how that works out.

U2 headlined Friday night, bringing their own stage to the party. They played mainly hits, which means they strayed away from their recent albums.

However, not everybody loves Raymond U2, as protests broke out regarding U2’s tax situation. Yes, apparently festival attendees have more important things to worry about than getting high and rocking out. Not only did people protest, but it got violent, as protests often do. U2 have been accused of moving parts of their business affairs from Ireland to the Netherlands for taxation purposes. Next up – Dutch-influence hits.

Tory Chairman Christopher Shale’s died in the VIP toilets this past weekend. Early rumours were of a suicide, but police has ruled this out.

Coldplay brought the noise, funk, and fireworks to their headlining slot. Five new songs were played, and airline pilots within one hundred kilometers were drawn to the light show. Hopefully that new album is coming soon, gents.

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  1. 2011/11/08

    […] PeteHatesMusic was not sure what to think when we announced there would be a Muppets cover album, ahead of the Muppets movie. Now, there is the Muppets Original Soundtrack, which is out on November 21. It features a barbershop quartet version of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit that would make Kurt Cobain roll over in his grave. […]