Fighting for my Right to Party

Good morning faithful reader(s). As Glastonbury weekend descends upon the UK, I realized how I needed to go to a place where there is lots of mud, poor toilet facilities, and a Lord of the Flies style leadership is implemented (power by conch!). As such, I am taking off to a cottage never to be seen again and will return on Monday, with full Glastonbury news. Other weekend predictions include:

  • Lady Gaga doing something boring outrageous
  • Madonna announcing she is dating someone new, who is in his 20s
  • Liam Gallagher will slag someone off in the media
  • Jack White will form a new band – with Damon Albarn – how has this not happened yet??
  • Radiohead will release a new double album, which will consist of two 40-minute tracks. Okay, maybe this is just wishful thinking.

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