Morning Music News – Catchy and Addictive

No Doubt are back after a looooong hiatus (which involved Gwen Stefani dominating the solo music chart) with a new album called Catchy and Addictive. I’m not sure if it is considered selling out and pandering to your audience if you flat out name your album based on how the tunes sound. What’s next, Gwen’s hubby’s band, Bush, reforming?

Gavin Rossdale, hubby of Gwen Stefani, has decided to reform his band, Bush (or Bush X for those Canadians who remember the original band name due to legal reasons). This is a Smashing Pumpkins reunion of sorts, in that the original guitarist and bassist will not be joining in the tour of good times.

Canadian music store, HMV, has been sold
. The parent company, HMV Group, has sold HMV Canada to a restructuring company, Hilco U.K. This deal should inject some cash into the business and help keep them afloat for awhile, until they release no one buys physical CDs anymore, at which point all HMV stores will close and be replaced by local HomeSense stores. – Virtual DJ’ing at it’s best

Hypebot looks at how to promote your band using has the user “enter a themed room controlled by 1-5 live DJ’s and just listen (at work, for example) as they take turns picking tunes or add your own. There are opportunities to vote, chat and interact.”

From here, Hypebot sees opportunities such as “Invite fans to listen to an artist spin their favorite music either with other band members filling the dj seats or alongside select fans.”

Charity Under Fire

Like U2, who can’t get any love for trying to avoid paying their taxes, despite charitable donation history, Lady Gaga has come under fire for her $3 Million raised for Japanese tsunami victims. She has been sued for pocketing money from expensive shipping and handling fees for the wristbands she has been selling for charity. I thought only people on eBay did that?

Hipster Taste in Music Explained

From Hypebot, via Garry Tan

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