Morning Music Notes – Obvious Headline Alert: Rock You Like a Hurricane Edition

Hurricane Sandy is No Damn Fun

Hurricane Sandy has descended on the east coast of America, causing rain and wind through northeastern USA and parts of Canada. Due to the crazy winds and because it’s rainin’ sideways, several shows have been cancelled. Bruce Springsteen’s show in New York was cancelled, and other shows such as the Deftones, Swans, The xx, Grimes, as well as the audience for both David Letterman’s and Jimmy Fallon’s late night shows. Google also cancelled their event that was scheduled for yesterday. But good news for those of you in Toronto – One Direction was unable to leave on their plane and will now be playing for 48 continuous hours and on all radio stations. The past sentence is especially good for those 14 year old girls who don’t get sarcasm just yet.

Mumford & Sons to Release The Road to Red Rocks DVD

Based on the footage for the I Will Wait music video and the teaser trailers leading up to it, it was pretty obvious that something was going to come out of all the footage Mumford & Sons shot (besides wasted terrabytes). The band have announced a DVD called The Road to Red Rocks, which will document their 2 dates at the Morrison, Colorado venue, as well as their Gentlemen of the Road tour.

Mumford & Sons - Red Rocks-DVD

The DVD will be out Nov. 26 in the UK, Nov. 30 in Australia and New Zealand, and after Christmas time – Jan. 22 – in North America. There will be plenty of banjo however, as seen in the DVD trailer below (via Consequence of Sound).

Google Partners with Warner Music, Now Partnered with All Major Labels

Google launched their Google Music, now Google Play, store with great fanfare last year. I mean, Busta Rhymes won’t get out of bed for just anybody. Google has now partnered with Warner Music Group, which means more music for their Google Play store, and perhaps more importantly, Google has now successfully partnered with all of the major music labels (via Slash).

Warner brings bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, and Neil Young to the table. Google Play has announced it will expand to parts of Europe on November 13. Countries such as UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain will all be able to store 20,000 songs on the cloud, as well as purchase songs from Google Play. Yay commerce!

Watch Metallica Do a Snippet of Green Day’s American Idiot

Green Day have released one of their planned trilogy of albums, with albums 2 and 3 to released in quick succession. Curtailing all of these tour plans and album promo has been Billie Joe Armstrong’s battle with alcoholism and subsequent rehab stint. Another man who knows all about alcoholism is James Hetfield from the Hetfields and the McCoys Metallica.

Well wouldn’t you know it – Metallica was standing in for Green Day at this year’s Voodoo Festival in New Orleans. Before launching into the almost 30-year old track, Creeping Death, the band played a little bit of American Idiot in tribute to Billie Joe. The best part of the video is when James explains why they can only play 1 verse, and what kind of riff band they are. Check it out below.

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