Morning Music Notes – Could These Photos Be Evidence? Let’s Wait 20 Years and Then Check

Some more ambient instrumental stuff from Chicago indie label Kranky. This track is by Christopher Bissonnette, which sounds like the name of a scientist or a professor. Well, he’s a professor of music. Man, who writes this stuff?!

christopher bissonnette - entanglements

Bissonnette has a sparse piece called Entanglements, which subtly and slowly takes place, and before you know it, it’s over and you want to listen again. Check it out below.

Morning Music Notes

All of those old Kurt Cobain conspiracy theories rose to the top of Google’s searches yesterday, amid rumours of the Seattle Police re-opening the homicide case for the Nirvana singer. Oddly, there were 4 rolls on undeveloped film (to which an entire generation asks, “what’s film?”). 2 photos were released to the public, revealing…pretty much nothing. The case remains closed. (via the Guardian)

Record Store Day arrives a couple of weeks after the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s murder suicide. There will be a lot of new and rare stuff released by bands on April 19. Sadly, most of it will end up being sold tenfold on the Internet. But those for collectors, check out Stereogum’s breakdown of all of the releases.

As I tweeted yesterday, reports are saying the Black Keys will return with a new single called Fever, out on Monday. This will be their first new music since 2011’s all conquering album, El Camino. (via Consequence of Sound)

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