Morning Music Notes – Expand and Collapse

Even though you probably heard the new Kooks song earlier on PHM, why not watch a video instead? You can do that with the new video for Down by the Kooks.

The Kooks - Down via YouTube screen cap

The video features jittery movements and quick actions, and I had the urge to zip my jacket up and down a lot after watching the video. Not sure why. Check out Down below.

The Kooks – Down

Morning Music Notes

Last night, the 2nd annual Prism Prize was handed out at the Everleigh in Toronto. As a jury member, I was there to watch it all unfold. The audience award went to director Kheaven Lewandowski for The Belle Game’s River. The winner was three-time nominee Emily Kai Bock, for her video for Arcade Fire’s Afterlife. She was also nominated for Majical Cloudz’s Childhood’s End. Plans for the 3rd annual Prism Prize award will be announced later this year.

Millionaire Drake and his amazingly successful OVO Fest have received a government grant of $300,000. The money, which comes from us taxpayers, is given out by Ontario’s Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, and is designed to help promote activities that promote tourism. Now, I understand the cost of putting on a show is constantly rising. But after 4 sell out weekends, is a grant really needed? Free money is free money I guess. (via Billboard)

The trend of expanding festivals from one weekend to two weekends has backfired for Sasquatch! Music Festival. After trying to join Coachella and Austin City Limits in the 2 weekend category, things didn’t quite go as planned, and the 2nd weekend has been cancelled. While I hate to call concert promoters greedy, I suppose I did the above with OVO Fest, so you know where I stand. (via Consequence of Sound)

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