Morning Music Notes – The Colourful Cost of Doing Business

You get the phone call, and you’ve made it – you’re going to star in the new Majical Cloudz video! After the stunning Childhood’s End video, you couldn’t be happier. You role in the new video for Savage? Handwriting out the lyrics to a song. All those hand modelling gigs paid off after all!

Majical Cloudz - Savages via YouTube screen cap
The live favourite and recent release Savage (not on their Impersonator album) has a lyric video of sorts. The Canadian band wrapped up a successful 2013 with this bonus release. Check out the lyrics and video below.

Morning Music Notes
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Some sad news this past weekend. Child of Lov (who we featured with Fly and tracks with Damon Albarn and DOOM) died from complications from an unknown surgery. Martijn William Zimri Teerlinck (who went by Cole Williams – he had lots of names) was only 26, and had a full life ahead of him; a full life that would’ve included a lot more good music. (via Exclaim)

Coldplay always said that those Mylo Xyloto colourful flashing wristbands (see our concert review to know what we’re talking about) were an expensive part of their tour. It turns out they cost £4.22 million (about $6.7M Cdn) for these wristbands. The wristbands cost about £3 ($5 Cdn) each and were pretty awesome if you ask me. (via NME)

Axel Willner has made 4 incredible albums as The Field. He will release an album with a side project called Hands, with an album called The Soul is Quick out February 10. Hard to make a joke when we’re just given straightforward facts, isn’t it? (via Exclaim)

After hitting us with a flurry of albums and EPs in a short period of time, the lovable lads in The Vaccines are going away for awhile. Singer Justin Young has said that although work on the album has started, they want to make the best record possible, so will take whatever time that takes. So there. (via Gigwise)

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