Watch! Sigur Rós – Varðeldur (2nd video)

Are people still paying attention to Sigur Rós’ Valtari Mystery Film Experiment? The Icelandic band are releasing a shitload of videos through a modest and equal amount of money given to a wide range of directors and artists. We’ve seen tons of good videos, backed by the music from the band’s latest album, Valtari. We’ve already had a video for Varðeldur, but that doesn’t matter – we get another!

We’ve already had the People’s Choice winner and the band’s winner for the series, but the videos keep flowing. The 13th video is the series is for Varðeldur, and features a slow motion video of a woman underwater. No, it’s not a mermaid.

sigur rós - valtari - videos - varðeldur (Screen cap)

Director Clare Langan explains, “There is no clear distinction between dream and reality and the space that the film and the music create becomes a submersive world”. Give it a viewing below, and mark your calendar for November 5 for the next video.

Sigur Rós – Varðeldur

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