Watch! Alpine – Gasoline

Okay, so this post straddles the line of being late given its debut, but early given the fact the album isn’t out in North America until 2013. Just enjoy it and don’t judge – good music is coming your way, so be happy. The band are Alpine, from sunny Melbourne, Australia. I don’t actually know if Melbourne is sunny – I’m going with one of the good stereotypes of the country, and the kangaroo/koala angle is overdone.

Alpine - A-Is-For-Alpine

Their debut album is out in parts of the world already, and is called A is for Alpine – WHICH IS THEIR BAND NAME! The video we’re showing for the 6-piece act is for Gasoline. The song features a simple yet catchy guitar line providing the main hook throughout the song, with a synth mixing in with pleasant, soft, and catchy pop vocals. The video is pretty impressive, too, shot in some snowy mountains. So much for my sunny Melbourne stereotype. Check out the track below.

Alpine – Gasoline

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