Listen! Iko – Kites

Iko are a 2 piece band from Exeter, England. They have an EP called Dazed And Confused, out on November 12. Their first track, is a gentle piano ballad, Kites. If I wrote a song called kites, it would be a metal song, expressing my anger at their ability to get lost in trees. Maybe I shouldn’t fly them in forests.


Sorry, where is the camera?

The band seems to have impressed some vampires, or at least their creators. Iko’s song, Heart Of Stone, was chosen to appear on the Twilight Break Dawn Pt 2 Soundtrack, joining the ranks of previous Twilight soundtrack acts such as Muse and Thom Yorke. Not bad (although let me state that Twilight itself is bad). Check out the track Kites below.

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  1. 2012/11/15

    […] pointed you towards Iko’s Kites track off of their Dazed and Confused EP. Their newest track, Dazed and Confused, is about to be featured […]