This Isn’t Fair: Kids Suspended for Finding Teacher’s Topless Photo on School iPad

Highland Middle School in Anderson, Indiana has school iPads. 13-year-old Joshua Troutt and three of his friends were using one of these iPads when – BAM – they saw tits! Not just anyone’s, but their teacher’s boobs! It turns out that one tech unsaavy teacher took the photo with her iPhone, only to have it sync up with the school’s iPad (via Crave). Oops.

Amazingly, the four boys were suspended AND threatened with expulsion! They had the choice of a 5 day suspension or expulsion, which is the equivalent choice of 5 days in jail or the death sentence. Some education system they have there. So why were they suspended? The exact reason isn’t clear, except for they might have violated the school’s technology policy. And the teacher definitely wasn’t in violation of any school policies, was she?!

The crazy thing is, the students owned up to seeing the breasts. They didn’t just leave it on the iPad for the entire school to see. This is pretty ridiculous. Free Joshua Troutt!

This song seems fitting.

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