Watch! Caribou – Can’t Do Without You

Caribou is drip feeding us videos from his excellent album Our Love (which hit number 5 on our Top Albums of 2014). Last October, we saw the video for Our Love. A lengthy wait until spring, and now we have a video for the 4th best track from all of 2014, Caribou’s Can’t Do Without You.

Caribou - Can't Do Without You via YouTube screen cap

The groovy, catchy dance song has a video featuring a young boy and his big-ass kite, which is probably not the hidden meaning behind the songs lyrics, but who knows what’s inspiration these days. Watch the oddly entertaining video while listening to the great song by Caribou. And if you want that weird fish pinata type thing, you can actually win it from Caribou. Enter at their website.

Caribou – Can’t Do Without You

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