Apple Maps Reveals Secret Military Base, Also Confuses Batman

Just when you thought there was nothing else to write about Apple Maps, up pops top secret military bases and another parody. Taiwan has a $1.23 billion top-secret, long-range radar base in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Note the words “top secret.” The base was built to secretly detect missiles in case though noisy neighbours China decide to get out of control. So instead of a melting world with crazy roads, the public gets private knowledge – go Apple (via Gizmodo).

The Taiwanese defense ministry commented on the matter, noting “Regarding images taken by commercial satellites, legally we can do nothing about it. But we’ll ask Apple to lower the resolution of satellite images of some confidential military establishments the way we’ve asked Google in the past.”

At least Apple hasn’t messed up the Costa Rica – Nicaragua border, like Google Maps did a few years ago. Then that long-range radar base might come in handy.

We’ve seen more than a few parodies of Apple Maps on this very site, such as a spoof explanation and the iOS6pocalypse. The Caped Crusader has throw his, um, mask into the ring, as he tries to find Rachel Dawes before the Joker blows her up. Unfortunately for Batman, he is using Apple Maps. Check out the results below.

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