Friday Afternoon Funnies: Spoof Explanation Given for the Terrible Apple Maps on iOS6

You’re supposed to strike while the iron is hot, right? Yes, this is our third post about the disastrous Apple Maps, which replaced Google Maps on Apple’s latest operating software, iOS 6. Google Maps has been the frontrunner for online maps for years, but Apple is kicking out all things Google, and decided to make their own maps. The maps are quite slick for the most part, with cool looking 3D flyovers, and quick loading time. However, what it is loading isn’t always the best looking. Below we’ve highlighted some of the best pictures from the tumblr, and as a bonus, we have a comedic explanation from Tom Scott, posing as Apple.

iOS 6 Maps: an explanation from Apple (parody)

Apple Maps - Hoover Damn 2 (via theamazingios6maps tumblr)

Note to self: Do not drive near the Hoover Dam

Apple Maps - Carmen Sandiego (via theamazingios6maps tumblr)

Carmen Sandiego Makes Off with a Statue

Apple Maps - restaurants on houses (via theamazingios6maps tumblr)

Restaurants ON houses – what will they think of next?

Apple Maps - Buckingham Fountain (via theamazingios6maps tumblr)

It’s either a fountain in Chicago OR a dungeon from Zelda: A Link to the Past

Apple Maps - Tahiti (via theamazingios6maps tumblr)

Ah, Tahiti – the island of crazy pointy mountains

Apple Maps - Earth  (via theamazingios6maps tumblr)

2012: An Earth Odyssey

Apple Maps - Flat London (via theamazingios6maps tumblr)

I guess parts of London did get flattened by Hitler after all

Apple Maps - Gloucestershire UK (via theamazingios6maps tumblr)

I’m not sure where in Gloucestershire, UK I’d rather live – Black and White Town, or Fuzzy Colourville

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