Laser Watch Concept Projects Time Onto Your Arm and Wrist

You know how sometimes, if you don’t have a watch, you try and peek at somebody else’s? And most of the time these women slap you, because they think you are looking at something more than the time. With the Laser Watch, everyone can see the time – it will be projected onto the wearer’s arm and wrist (via Technabob). I think I would use it to spell dirty words like we did as kids on a calculator, and project “BOOBIES” on my arm for all to see.

laser watch (via tokyo

Are you SURE this laser won't give me arm cancer?

Who would’ve thought such a cool product would be inspired by a Justin Timberlake movie (In Time, for those who definitely might’ve missed it). That’s what inspired the design submitted by Nurdinov from Kyrgyzstan. They don’t get many movies in Kyrgyzstan apparently. This is just a concept – aren’t ALL the best ideas – so don’t go running to your local store to try and grab it. You can vote for it over at Tokyo Flash.

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laser watch 2 (via tokyo

I Don't Get It!

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