Mount Your iPhone Anywhere with Magical Adhesive Skin from

Sometimes I get sick of holding my iPhone – first world problems? Well, has proposed a solution to this, with their adhesive skins that stick to pretty much any surface (via Gizmodo). The skin is made with a special resin material (read: magic) which unfortunately might mean sticky hands. Spiderman, we feel your pain. The good thing is that you stick your iPhone to things like windows, for those situations when you’re crawling along apartment window sills – like Spiderman. He has Spidey pouches I assume? The downside: nothing lasts forever, even cold November Rain the adhesive feature of the case.

If you want one, go visit’s website, or hope Santa brings you one for Christmas. Check out a video which is a) silent and b) uses the Star Wars scrolling font. Why and why?

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