Portable Fuel Cell Can Charge Your Smartphone About a Dozen Times

As PeteHatesMusic went venue to venue providing live tweets and up to date Camden Crawl concert reviews this past weekend, we noted this:

Now, if we had Lilliputian Systems’ portable USB power source, we could’ve annoyed you with even MORE tweets (via Crave). The portable device is a fuel cell with the ability to charge your smartphone about a dozen times. It’s about the size of a thick smartphone, and the lighter fluid-filler cartridges are comparable to a cigarette lighter in size. The device is capable of charging any device that has a USB cable, which my electric razor oddly does.

Portable Fuel Cell (via Lilliputian Systems)

The portable chargers will be carried at Brookstone stores, with refills available for sale as well. No word on pricing though, but the refills are expected to only run a few dollars. Bonus: apparently the devices can be brought on planes, for those long haul trips when your damn battery dies in the airport BEFORE you board the plane itself.

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