Principal Created Fake Facebook Account to Monitor Her School’s Students

We all have fake Facebook accounts to spy on our crushes and ex-girlfriends, right? No? No one else does?! If only my backspace key wasn’t broken and I could erase this embarrassing evidence from the Internet. Perhaps more embarrassing – high school principal Louise Losos at Clayton High School in Missouri resigned last week after she was busted for having a fake Facebook account under the name Suzy Harrison (via Digital Trends). Little Miss Popular Suzy had about 300 friends, most of whom were students at the school or parents of the students at the school. This begs the question – why the fuck were people accepting friend requests from someone they didn’t know? And why did 300 people do this?!

Eventually, one graduate became wise to this, posted on a school-related Facebook page “Whoever is friends with Suzy Harriston on Facebook needs to drop them. It is the Clayton Principal.” This post led to Suzy’s profile disappearing the next day (April 6) and the school announcing on April 9 that Louise Losos would be taking a “leave of absence”.

Now, I’m not condoning (former) Principal Losos’ actions – there is a potential role for education / role modelling in social media – but creating an account to spy on your students is not one of them. That’s just for spying on your ex’s, as I said before.

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  1. 2012/06/06

    […] Facebook friends and monitoring their status (via Digital Trends). Much like the Principal with a fake account to monitor her students, this makes me wonder – WHY ARE YOU BECOMING FRIENDS WITH RANDOM PEOPLE?! “Officer […]