Good News, Canadians – We “Might” Be Getting Spotify

Online streaming service Spotify is already a relative hit in the USA and Europe, but as usual, us Canadians are left in the dark. However, recent published filings indicate that Spotify might be making a move into Canada, as well as Asia and South America (via Hypebot). Apparently, Spotify Technologies SA filed these plans in April, and they were made available earlier in August.

A lot of artists and labels have teamed with Spotify, and it’s a great way to easily and quickly stream songs from an artist. There is a free account, which has limitations such as only 10 hours of streaming per month, plus (annoying) commercials between some songs. However, paid members can use the app on their phone, as well as have unlimited streaming, all for a monthly fee. Once you join, you can annoy all of your friends on Facebook by letting them see what songs you are streaming and flooding their newsfeed. This means my not-so-secret love of the Spice Girls will be known by all! Well, all 3 of my Facebook friends (one of which is my dog). Okay, all 3 are my dogs.

Check out an old ad for Spotify on iPad to see how it looks.

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