Category: Dance Rock

Grouplove - Ways To Go

Watch! Grouplove – Ways To Go

Los Angeles’ Grouplove released this video, with the assistance of our supreme leader. All hail The Supreme Leader. Ways To Go is the first ‘single’ (do bands still release singles?) from an upcoming album Spreading Rumours – which will be officially...

Weekend Music – Rave Weapon!

Here’s a big dance track to kick off your weekend. Auvelais, Belgium producer Aeroplane has taken London’s Alex Metric’s huge track Rave Weapon and made it into something quite awesome. Crank it up and have a great weekend! Alex Metric...

Weekend Music: Michel Cleis

Today, crank up a study in rhythm from Swiss producer Michel Cleis. This is dance music that you could play for a university music professer; quite amazing. Michel Cleis – Mir A Nero