CMW Critical Conclusions for: Wintersleep

The Indies at CMW2016 closed out with east coast headliners, Wintersleep. They were one of the first interviews we ever had, so check out our 2012 chat with them here.

Wintersleep at The Indies, Canadian Music Week (Copyright: PeteHatesMusic)

You said zoom out as much as possible when taking pics?

Venue: The Phoenix

First Impressions: Like The Zolas before them, Wintersleep were treated to the awkward stage walk out to their own song.

Stage Presence: Your standard rock affair

Crowd Reaction: Despite a really good set, it was a tepid crowd for the most part. Overheard: “I already miss the Strumbellas.” Ouch!

Random Observation: Maybe it’s the hat, but Tim D’eon reminded me of Coldplay’s Jonny Buckland.

Last Word: Although not as epic an upstaging that we witnessed at SARSstock, with AC/DC destroying the Rolling Stones, Wintersleep had the unfortunate slot after crowd favourites The Strumbellas. I felt Wintersleep needed to win over crowd early with a hit. Instead, they focused on their new stuff. The true injustice is that their new album is really good! It just hasn’t hit enough ears yet with the mainstream, apart from Amerika, to really grasp the crowd and not let go. If Strumbellas weren’t before them, it’s a different review and crowd reaction. Overall: 7.5/10

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