CMW Critical Conclusions for: Alberta Cross

PeteHatesMusic continued their CMW2016 adventures by spending the night with supermodels the Indie88 showcase at the awards for The Indies. First up – Alberta Cross.


Venue: The Phoenix

First Impressions: The vocals were a bit loud in the mix, but sounded so good. Singer Petter Ericson Stakee’s vocals are reminiscent of Jim James (My Morning Jacket) at times – that’s a good thing.

Stage Presence: Not much movement, but cool hats.

Crowd Reaction: Polite applause, like only Toronto can do.

Random Observation: It was fucking freezing in the venue, or at least where I was standing (by the bar, naturally)

Last Word: Alberta Cross have been around for over 10 years, which surprised me, as I only discovered them earlier this year. Isolation is a real solid tune, and was the standout song. It was a short but sweet set. 8/10

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