Morning Music Notes – The only opinion I care about is Chuck D’s opinion

Granted, I wouldn’t file this under: stuff I would listen to all the time. But, Mad Decent’s lineup of complete musical nut jobs released an EP of Christmas music yesterday.


Although pictured here, was disappointed that “Rudolph the Red Tusked Narwhal” was left off the tracklist.

Not exactly Christmas music that I’d play at a family gathering… but a few drinks in? hey – you never know.

Morning Music Notes
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The music world reacted to the death of Nelson Mandela yesterday on their respective social media feeds and streams. It was great to see a day where the planet was actually using our amazing tools to talk about the importance peace and justice – a true testament to the legacy of one of humanity’s great men.

Officially speaking, Arctic Monkeys just released a new song as a B-Side on their 7″ single One For The Road. For the rest of us, that means: new Arctic Monkeys song on YouTube! Here it is, via NME

Arctic Monkeys – You’re So Dark

Always worth listening to, Will Ferrell was interviewed by Rolling Stone about (among other things) an encounter he had with Kanyé West on the set of Anchorman 2 – and it’s brilliantly pedestrian.

Trent Reznor did an impromptu Ask-Me-Anything session on Reddit yesterday, and he confirmed that he’ll be touring North America again in 2014 with a new show and a new (or, at least different) band lineup. More nuggets from Trent here – via Spin. You can read Pete’s review of their 2013 tour here.

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