Listen! Half Moon Run – Trust

Half Moon Run are back, which is great news for fans of their stunning debut. While Dark Eyes was a bit of an alternative, folk sound with interesting rhythms and song structures, lead single Trust is a gigantic warp in their sound. From the opening notes, you know that Half Moon Run are not standing still.

Half Moon Run-Press Shot-2015-Yani Clarke-087 unedited copy

Photo Credit: Yani Clarke

The Montreal-based band will drop their new album Sun Leads Me On on October 23. The album will have 13 songs, finishing up on the song you hear below. “Trust is somewhat of a strange song” proclaims multi-instrumentalist Dylan Phillips. “It’s a departure from what you might normally expect from us. It’s the last song we wrote and recorded, and it was put together with a lot of fragmented ideas and somewhat of a chaotic energy. It feels a little bit like starting from the end, but leaves plenty of room to work back towards the beginning.”

Nailed it. Give it a listen below.

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