Listen! I Am In Love – Palm

Now that is a bold and direct band name. The Leicester 4-piece have chosen the name I Am In Love, which can lead to confusing conversations if overheard by the wrong people. They are about to release the single, Palm, which when coupled with “I Am In Love” can lead to some masturbation jokes. Okay, maybe that’s just my immaturity, right Mr. Poppy Pants?

I Am in Love artwork

Enough talking drivel though, as I have a retro-80s sounding song for you. Palm is full of 80s-styled beats and synth, and even vocal stylings, but all modernized to fit that sound that a niche of people (myself including) seem to love. Check out the track below and dust off that 80s wardrobe that you’re dying to wear, not ironically, either.

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