Listen! NO – Another Life

More music from the PeteHatesMusic Inbox (I won’t pass along all those penis enlargement emails, which keep getting placed in the Junk Mail folder, despite me signing up for these email lists). The band’s press rep acknowledges that their bands name – NO – is a little hard to Google. That didn’t stop them from pushing forward with the name – they wouldn’t take “no” for an answer (*groan). Sounding a little like The National at times, the band hails from Echo Park in LA. Since I don’t know Los Angeles very well, I’ll assume that it’s not a public park for hobos (and if it is – my apologies, NO and fellow hobos).

You can give one of their tracks, Another Life, a listen below. There are just so many NO puns that I’m dying to do, but I’m sure a) they hate it and b) every journalist will think they are clever by doing it. And yes, I called myself a journalist.

NO – Another Life
Another Life by NO.

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