Listen! Daniel Johns – Talk (album sampler)

Daniel Johns is beginning stage 3 of his musical metamorphosis. The Aussie singer fronted 90s-00s grunge (and later somewhat experimental) rock band Silverchair. He then teamed with Paul Mac for stage 2, in the band The Dissociatives. Stage 3 is his soulful solo work under his name. We’ve shown you this falsetto-led new sound with tracks Aerial Love and Preach.

Daniel Johns - Talk via SoundCloud

His new album is called Talk. 6 of the tracks have dropped in the form of a SoundCloud album sampler. This should give you a good taste of 2015 Daniel Johns songs. Love it or hate it (and there will be factions from both parties), you have to like the fact the guy is willing to try different sounds – and that he is talented enough to pull it off with his reputation intact. Check out 6 songs from Daniel Johns below, including standout By Your Side.

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