Listen! Daniel Johns – Preach

PHM-friend Millar here to bring you another cool new song from Silverchair’s Daniel Johns. He finally has some new solo stuff coming out this year starting March 13 with his Aerial Love EP. You heard the title track here previously. Take a listen to the new one, Preach.

Daniel Johns - Aerial Love via Twitter

Now of course, I take a lot of grief for liking Johns’ stuff as much as I do, cough-Pete-cough, but I give Daniel credit. He’s gone from an Aussie teenager writing heavy rock tunes, to writing really cool progressive orchestral pop music (or “show tunes” as Pete calls them), to now revealing a R&B-influenced sound. He’s got a great voice with an amazing range and he’s not afraid to try new musical ideas. Whenever he comes out with new stuff, he’s always writing intriguing pieces that are going to alienate some of his old fans while probably making some new fans too…just not Pete.
(Editor’s note: I don’t mind his new sound, actually)

Daniel Johns – Preach

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