Listen! Daniel Johns – Aerial Love

PHM contributor Millar is a HUGE fuckin’ Silverchair fan. For a guy who likes the prototypical popular rock bands, and some Brit Rock bands, I’ve never understood the critical acclaim he throws the band. Don’t get me wrong – I like Silverchair – I just don’t love Silverchair. I do think they had quite the evolution of sound that was slightly off the radar. However, this evolution resulted in the fuckin’ disaster that was 2007’s Young Modern (my opinion, not Millar’s).

The point of all of this rambling? Silverchair hottie singer Daniel Johns has come out of the woodwork to hit us with a surprise song off of an upcoming EP. The biggest surprise? The R&B sensual sound. Remember, this is a guy who sounded like this.

Daniel Johns - Aerial Love via Twitter

The new track is called Aerial Love, and will be on an EP out on March 13. Apparently it’s a prelude to an album dropping later this year. Since Silverchair, Daniel Johns also dropped some movie soundtrack music in 2012which Millar (of course) posted on PHM. Check out the continued evolution of Daniel Johns with Aerial Love.

Daniel Johns – Aerial Love

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