Weekend Music – The May Track Dump

Happy May! Here’s another big ol’ pile of new, weird, awesome music to turn up loud.

1. Uproot Andy is from Brooklyn, but you’d never know it by listening to any of his music. This is a brand new EP Barrioteca.

2. Another brand new EP. This one is from London’s Fake Blood – genius melodies and a trademark shuffle. Don’t miss the track Music Box.

3. This is so cool – a cover of Drake’s Trophies by Brasstracks, who are a brass/synths/drums combo. This is killer.

4. Not sure what’s going on in Pittsburgh, but there is lots of cool beats being produced there. This is NibzHold Me Feat. Anastasia Hagermann

5. Dallas’ K-WashObrigado Sango (for nerds like me, that sample you recognize is from What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt. 4 by DJ Shadow… not sure where it’s from originally)

6. More smoothed-out rhythmic stuff. This is OshiThank You

7. A snake-charming masterpiece – CƏSCobra

8. Toronto’s BensleyFandango. Straight-up drum & bass.

9. Some seriously outside-the-pocket rhythms from DJ FirmezaSomos Todos Malucos

10. If you made it this far down the list, here is your reward: I’d put this up against any other DJ in any other club on the planet, and this would win.

11. One more for good measure.


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