Listen! Cut Copy – Let Me Show You (live vinyl playback)

Aussie electronic act Cut Copy are prepping their new album. By the sounds of their new track, they still want to make you dance. The track is called Let Me Show You and will be on their album, expected to be out in the fall. They haven’t released the track – instead, they gave away a very limited number at the Pitchfork Festival over this past weekend.

Cut Copy - Let Me Show You via YouTube screen cap
As YouTube user debaser 22 notes, “At the 2013 Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, IL there was a live demo on how to make a record with a lathe. They were making the new Cut Copy single, “Let Me Show You.” 40 of them were made a day for all 3 days of the festival, only 120 total. Each one also has the buyer’s name etched by hand into the inner part of the record.”

Check out the latest from Cut Copy below.

Cut Copy – Let Me Show You

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