Make Your Ears Happy! November 25, 2015 Edition

Time to make your ears happy. That’s right – it’s more of our new format – short blasts of playlists.

Editors - Ocean of Night via SoundCloud screen cap

We bring you a mix of great new indie tracks, like the latest from UK band Editors, as well as other gems we heard the past few months that we’d be remiss not to share. The playlist is below, with song and band info below that. Can you dig it?

Editors – Ocean Of Night
Location: London, UK
Select Previous Posts: Many posts, Honesty, Formaldehyde, and Marching Orders, plus our interview with the band
A minimalist description: Piano intro, toe tapping beat, simple chorus = solid song

Mexico City Blondes – Further
Location: Mexico City Santa Barbara, USA
A minimalist description: Lovely vocals against a nice percussion beat power the stark song

Owen Rabbit – Holy Holy
Location: Melbourne, Australia
A minimalist description: Another track with a simple beat, but with an interesting, out-of-nowhere electro chorus

Young Galaxy – Ready to Shine
Location: Montreal, Canada
Select Previous Posts: Pretty Boy, Fall for You, and New Summer
A minimalist description: A funky guitar line powers this indie pop song

Run The Jewels – Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)
Location: Atlanta, USA and New York City, USA
Select Previous Posts: 36″ Chain, Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck), and Lie, Cheat, Steal
A minimalist description: These rappers are hot, and keep the slick beats and crunching tunes coming

Cape Cub – Keep Me In Mind
Location: North East, UK (sounds mysterious….)
Select Previous Posts: Lantern
A minimalist description: A vocal urgency reminiscent at times of Foals, from this indie rock group

East of Here – Heartbeat
Location: Sydney, Australia
A minimalist description: Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to a lot of Foals lately, but also spacey vocals ala Foals at times. The beat kicks this song into high gear from near the beginning.

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