Watch! The Almighty Rhombus – Down South

We have something new out of Sudbury, Ontario aka the Happiest Place in Canada (true story). The music is from The Almighty Rhombus, who we saw last year at CMW 2014 and also posted their entire Lucid Living album. They return with Down South, a song about being from the happiest city in Canada (some part of this sentence may not be entirely true).

Almighty Rhombus - Down South via YouTube screen cap

Down South has an interesting video about the Monster Olympics, an event we all missed in 2014. Watch events such as kitten tossing (I assume no kittens were harmed in the making of this video, right? RIGHT?!) and the 100 metre chase, which is how most of my dates end. The short poppy tune will surely get you tapping your feet and head bobbing along, and perhaps inspire you to enter the 2018 Monster Olympics. Get blasted with some indie pop below.

The Almighty Rhombus – Down South

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