CMW Critical Conclusions for…The Almighty Rhombus (Canadian Music Week 2014 concert review)

The second band of the night was The Almighty Rhombus. This geometry loving band from Sudbury has a sound that’s made for a good time.

almighty rhombus

Venue: Rancho Relaxo

First Impressions: My first impression would be stronger if it weren’t for the overhead music that the bar was very sllloooowww in turning off. Once that was taken care of I was impressed by the catchiness of the sound. The beat is something you can immediately pick up on no matter where you are on the indie music spectrum.

Stage Presence: The band has a fun and quirky stage presence. They bop around to their music just as the crowd does.

Crowd Reaction: The turnout was a bit weak which could be because it was an 11 pm show on a school night but those who made it out were having a good time and people were actually dancing – something I was completely unaware that hipsters did!

Random Observation: The bar smelled like sweaty gym socks bordering on rotting hockey equipment. VERY distracting, if only because it reminded me of home.

The Last Word: 7/10 – The Almighty Rhombus are a good time. They describe themselves as a “Rock ‘n Rollin, beer drinkin, bottle smashin, heart throbbin, J smokin, coffee drinkin, doughnut eatin, pop band from the bury” and that’s exactly what they are. Their northern Ontario roots shine through in their music and their performance. They have a good upbeat sound for any occasion except maybe a funeral.

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