Morning Music Notes – One Drunk Driver Supporting Another

Back in September, I jetted down to Brooklyn to see the Thom Yorke-led Atoms for Peace. The band blew me away, with their thumping rhythms and Flea working his magic on bass. MTV filmed a performance of the band in Tokyo, Japan, so you can hear and see some of the awesomeness below.

Thom Yorke - Atoms for Peace via YouTube screen cap
The band tackle the UNKLE song Rabbit in Your Headlights, which originally featured Thom Yorke. The sombre song has a catchy piano part, with some excellent percussion in the live setting. Check out what you missed when the band didn’t come to Canada.

Morning Music Notes
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It’s early days, and the band just released an album last April, but Phoenix are working on their 6th studio album. And here I thought they were Bankrupt! (via NME)

The powerhouse record label that was Bad Boy Records is reportedly being closed by Diddy. The label used to have artists such as Notorious BIG, 112, Lil Kim, Mase, and more, but those days are gone, and so is the record label. I guess when you don’t have a hit for many years, your label isn’t what it used to be. (via Global 14)

Who supports Justin Bieber during his time of crisis? Why, embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, that’s who! And who knows more about getting DUIs in Florida than Rob Ford? Who is a worse representation of Canada – Justin Bieber or Rob Ford? (via Guardian)

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